So let’s start things off right away with something excellent. This is a site I have visited probably hundreds of times since I first found it like 7 years ago. Many a great happy ending to be had here my friends! And next to no hassle in getting there.

This place is literally a cornucopia of masturbation material. Over a quarter of a million sets of free pictures and videos. Not just porn stars, but super models, actresses, centerfolds… if it’s hot and it’s female, you’ll find it here.

The site is catalogued by name, and it’s easy to navigate. No membership required; like the name says this place is nothing but – Freeones – and that’s the link to it.

It’s basically an indexed collection of free masturbation material from all over the web, broken down by girl with short descriptions of what each place offers. The pages linked to are only free sites with pictures and/or videos offered on that exact page with no need to go elsewhere and no need to join anything.

Now since this place is a massive link list, it’s not just one site you are moving through, Freeones is just the frame. They do a very good job of keeping up on what they allow to be linked there though, so it’s pretty damn safe to use.

I’ve looked at tens of thousands of links on this site over these past years (chronic masturbation or unquenchable curiosity? I’ll never tell!!!). Only very rarely have I been sent to a page with any sort of spyware attempt or downloader. No problem at all with the main site itself, and by “rarely” I mean like way less than 1% of the links they listed had any problem. So I can give it a total thumbs up in terms of computer safety, and if you’ve got your basic anti-virus going, your cock stroking should be hassle free.

There’s also a load of other stuff on this site, like Forums and all that kinda thing if that’s what you’re into. People swap pictures, help fans find out names and information of girls, etc.

This place is so big they’ve also got a lot of original content of their own, done by top porn stars.

~ Lil Jerky