Heya everyone,

The title of my blog sums up its purpose pretty clearly. This is a place to find some great masturbation material so you can get right down to business with as little time wasted as possible.

No, I won’t be posting porno pictures here or videos, that’s not what I mean.

I’m gonna make this a place where you can come and find hot stuff from all over the internet with links to where they are located.

Everything here will be “lil jerky approved” – meaning stuff I’ve read, listened to, or seen myself and have given it my stamp of “Hell Yeah!”

I’ll also be writing my own comments and reviews, plus I’ll organize everything by fetish to make it easy for you to find what gets ya going.

I won’t link to anything with pop-ups, or memberships, or registration fees. Just open source material you can view on the web an enjoy yourself to.

And this isnt going to be some bogus spammy site that just gives lists links to places. Everything is selected for a reason by me alone and presented to you out of my genuine concern for the quality of your masturbation!!!

And who am I?

Well, how nice of you to ask! I’m Lil Jerky of course – dirty boy connoisseur of fine flith.