This is a question only for those whose cock stroking has reached a “professional” level. Those who have invested long, hard hours and hours and hours mastering the fine art of masturbation, and the equally fine hobby of finding select material to do the dirty deed to.

Pictures or video… which is better?

The unenlightened would simply assume Video right away, since it’s the more developed form of visual stimulation, but as those beyond sophomoric experience will agree, there is much more to it than that.

Of course, one factor is that whatever the medium, if the turn on is intense then that alone insures the quality of the material – ie. The “damn that shit gets my cock pounding just to think about” test.

Assume that factor is a constant across the experiment, and let’s consider each option on just the merits of the medium alone.

Long Latex Legs and High HeelsEach has certain qualities that give it an advantage over the other.

Video needs little explanation or defense. It’s merits are obvious – it’s film and you get to see the sex act(s) unfold right before your eyes. The girl(s) is moving so you get a full look at her and whatever she is doing. And the “money shots” are seeing in all their orgasmic glory.

Pictures on the other had, do need a little defending, because too many erroneously assume that a video of a hot girl is preferable to a pic.


The worth of pictures is found in that single frozen moment to focus on. The better the picture, the better that moment will be. Every bit of the girl – her body, her clothes, what she is doing and what‘s being done to her – you can absorb at your own pace. Since it’s a single moment, your mind has to take over and fill in the details of what is happening, or in the case of a photo set, fill in the pieces in between. As a result, you develop a fantasy of your own upon what you see, and one’s own sexual fantasies will usually be better than what you’ll see in a video.

After all, when it’s your mind merging with the hot picture, you’re the director and she’s all yours to do as you please.

Of course, if you find a video that hit’s a home run – hot girl, right length, right fetish, done as fits your fantasy, and filmed well – that’s golden. But an exceptional picture will often hold the greatest potential for repeat cock stroking.

So each side has it’s merits, and one should never discount the value of a hot picture when it comes to masturbation material.

~ Lil Jerky