Okay, here’s a place that’s got something for just about everyone. A site is written by a very hot young blonde – Mistress Lauren’s Femdom Blog – who talks about all different kinds of fetish sex and good time naughtiness.

I’ve visited her site frequently over the past 6 months and from what I’ve read I can definitely say – this is one dirty girl we’ve got here guys. By the looks of what she’s into and likes talking about, this young lady is just the kind of girl masturbation calls for. From feminization and forced bi, to small penis humiliation and tease and denial games, this bad girl knows her shit and likes to show it all off.

The site’s all free – this isn’t some kind of membership porno place (with so much free on the internet, why bother with those – except in the case of the truly exceptional). She’s got a bunch of different picture sets of herself up, along with about a dozen erotic audio clips, free guided masturbation assignments, and a whole mess of femdom stories posted throughout (all supporting her femdom phone sex numbers). The site’s been running since February of 2008 and she posts like 12 times a month so there is a ton of masturbation material to enjoy, plus all kinds of other stuff to read.

She also does phone sex and live chat – the blog is pretty much a huge promo for that – so you guys who are into talking to your ladies while cock stroking should take a look at her. Don’t get the wrong idea, while her femdom phone sex numbers are displayed, her posts are all like twice the size of this one or longer, so it’s not just a running ad. There is plenty here to look at, read and listen to even if you’ve got no interest in calling anyone.

Considering one person is writing and maintaining this place, it’s a damn big site. And yeah, you can tell by the writing style it’s all by one person, as are all the audio recordings.

~ Lil Jerky