I did a post a few months back for all of you out there who enjoy crossdressing and masturbation material based on it. Little did I know that it would become the most popular post on my blog so far.

Seems like there are a lot of dirty sissy boys out there who love stroking their cocks (or should I say “clitties”) to videos and pictures of crossdresser sluts getting bent over and banged in their tight boy pussies.

Lil Jerky ain’t one to judge a fetish when it comes to whatever floats your masturbation boat… far from it. If feminization is your thing – do what give ya a happy! That bein’ said, I’ve decided to proved a few more links to some free crossdresser videos!!!

The following are search response lists off one of the sites I’ve already posted, but they list free vids and pictures from two specific sources that specialize in this fetish.

Gay Sissies – where dirty boys will be dirty girls… and then get used like them too! Seems mostly eastern European so of course its nasty with nothing held back

Shemale Sisissification – where dominant shemales teach naughty boys to behave through forced feminization, bondage and hard pounding anal sex.

Both sites have plenty of forced crossdressing with makeup, tight dresses, stockings, high heels and lingerie. There are a lot of hot brazilian shemale pornstars on the second site so we’re talkin’ nice stacked and well hung ladyboys in their own sexy outfits too.

Happy masturbating, all you dirty crossdresser whores and naughty sissy sluts!

~ Lil Jerky

PS – check out the Sissy Training going on here. Not much content yet but if this Domina’s blog turns out like her old one there will be a ton soon.

Hot Latex Ass - Bodysuit


blacklatexdominatrixThis link is for all the sissy boys and crossdresser sexy girls out there. You dirty sluts who love to dress up in hot women’s clothes so you can get tag teamed by guys with big, thick cocks.

You know you love it when one strong man grabs your hips, bends you over, pulls up your skirt and pounds your ass deep, while his friend forces you to milk the cum from his dick and swallow down every drop!!

A crossdresser whore like you needs to be used by masculine men who know how to thrust their thick cocks deep down inside of your aching ass pussy. And you’re the type of sissy slut who can bend over and take on a dozen of them. You, alone in the middle of all those men, using your hands, mouth and ass to make them all cum.

Whew!!! Look at that boy whore go!!! ~puts his “Lil’ Jerky shocked face” on~

Now you see, while forced bi and crossdressing might not be Lil’ Jerky’s thing, I can well appreciate the dirty slut nature of it all!!! Two thumbs up to you dirty crossdresser whores… right up your tight, greedy boy pussies!! The more perverted the sex, the better… that’s what Lil’ Jerky says!

And I’m not the only one who thinks so!!!

UPDATE – Feb 4th, 2010 – Domina Amanda is known for doing some amazing audios on crossdresser sluts and sissy training. A few months back she shut down her site and many of those clips were lost, including the ones I originally linked to here. Thankfully, she has returned and is now recording new audios.

Head here to check them out – Sissy Training – this is the crossdresser section of her new blog.

BRAND NEW – Forced Feminization Audio – “Forced To Become A Pretty Girl For Me”

Domina Amanda is this hot as hell dominatrix who has a thing for crossdresser slut training and pimping out sissies she’s turned into total cock whores (PS – it’s Domina Cinara now).

And her motto is – the more dicks that go in my forced bi bitches, the better.

And besides being extremely hot and dirty… all of the audio clips she does are FREE.

There’s also some great dominatrix pictures there – especially that one of her in black latex (I clipped a part of one off and posted it here – yeah, look up, that’s her!!!).

~ Lil Jerky

***** Jan 12th, 2010 – Domina Amanda’s new sites are up and she’s already started posting Femdom Audios including a Sissy Clip about a naughty crossdresser slut who gets caught with panties that don’t belong to her! Check it out here – Dominatrix Phone Sex (it’s a promo page but the audio samples are free, plus plenty of sexy pictures – oh, and Domina is using a different name now – her middle name instead)