Hot Thai GirlWhat is it about Asian girls that makes them just so damn hot and sexy? To tell you the truth, every time I try to come up with a well thought out answer to that question, I end up breaking off in the middle of my thoughts to go find some hot asian pornstars to enjoy.

In the early days of porn there were just a few exotic ladies making movies to fulfill the asian fetish niche. Now there are literally hundreds from all over the East, and some rank up there with the dirtiest pornstars in the business.

Here’s a link for those of you looking for some exotic masturbation material – Asian Pornstars

I would have liked more thumbnail pictures and less text links on this site, but in this case text links do have their benefit – it can be hard to find more pictures of a particular asian pornstar or for that matter even find out their names… the links here often name the girls and some give nation of origin. Plus the search engine helps speed discovery.

If you want to talk to a hot asian schoolgirl slut, check out this site – asian phone sex – there are a bunch of free pictures there too, including a large gallery. (The pic I put in this post is from that site).

~ Lil Jerky


So Lil Jerky decided it’s time to change things up a little bit here. I’ve been posting mostly free pictures sites, but there’s a lot more masturbation material than just that out there on the oh-so-naughty internet.

I know you all love to read dirty sex stories. That nasty ass stuff that gets right down to the cock stroking good parts as soon as possible.

The link for this session is an absolute classic in the genre of pornographic literature. A megasite that is packed full of sex stories and femdom erotica.
Literotica 100% Free sex stories, erotic audio, adult fiction, forum, personals, and more.

It can be a little confusing to navigate the first time you’re there, because it is literally huge. If you want to search the stories index, go to the Site Index at the bottom of the first page – hit “Stories and Pics” – and then scroll down to “Search The Site” under “Erotic Stories” and click the appropriate link.

The site uses a tagging system to make it easier to find what fetish you’re looking for.

There is all kinds of stuff on that site and it’s always getting bigger.

*     *     *

And before I leave, here’s one more –

If you’re looking for more dominatrix style erotic audio and femdom stories check this link out – Femdom Erotica – it’s a site run by a hot domina who writes and records all her own stuff.

She’s also got a bunch of Free Pictures of herself on the site so you can check out what she looks like.

Here’s a follow-up to that short list of links to classic porn clips I did a couple months ago. It’s another site of the same theme, but this one is broken down into categories by classic pornstar names.

There are no blind links that I could see – which is a good thing – and the amount of content isn’t bad. They have over 150 classic pornstars named so far and each archived entry includes not only a thumb nailed list of what galleries they have for that star, but also trivia and personal information. So a site not only full of masturbation material, but a fact filled romp too! 😉

Here’s the link – Classic Pornstars

PS – to see their full list of stars, scroll down to the bottom of the page. The top of the site starts with thumb nailed samples of some stars… the middle is a long list of individual galleries giving the name of the star in the set and a summary of the scene, but it’s not alphabetical… the bottom of the page has the full alphabetical list of all the classic pornstars on the site and how many galleries are present for each.

PSII – if you want to see some classic asian pornstars check out that link.

Here’s just a quick addition to the masturbation material here, a pictures gallery of a hot redhead dominatrix, dressed in corset, long gloves, stockings, garter belt and high heels. A very hot, petite women with a sexy, “I-take-no-shit-from-slaves” look on her face, who has a really great pair of legs, even if she’s tiny.

The gallery is located on a promo site for dominatrix phone sex, but page two has a couple dozen pictures along with a few erotic audio samples. Some great leg shots there, along with profile angles that show off both her legs and the curves of that corset nicely.

~ Lil Jerky

Heya folks, Lil Jerky has been away for too long, but he’s back once again to help lead all you fellow connoiseurs of fine filth back intot he holy lands of happy cock stroking!

Anyone who searches for good masturbation material on the web has had to deal with redirects. Sometimes these lead to places better than where you came from. Sometimes they lead to annoying nonsense or virus ridden garbage.

In my constant quest for the best in masturbation material I came across the following site which I have checked out for the last few months to access its quality and safety.

Perversius – free porn pictures and movies directory.

The search engine portion of the site isnt really its own. It takes you to Asktiava’s results – a site I’ve linked to here before in an earlier post.

What Perversius provides is an extensive listing with each fetish broken down into it’s own category, with sub-choices for pics, movies, etc. The categories are very specific, ranging from Classic Porn Stars and Amateurs to various forms of Femdom Erotica and Crossdresser Slut porn. Results are all thumbnailed for ease of masturbation selection – always a good thing.

The collection is good and extensive – but – I did run into virus DL attempts from time to time, so watch out. This wasnt from their engine, but from sites in the listing. Remember not to Click on any of those pop-ups you get saying “virus warning” or “click here to DL latest spyware removal”, blah blah blah.

Good luck and good cock stroking!

~ Lil Jerky

I did a post a few months back for all of you out there who enjoy crossdressing and masturbation material based on it. Little did I know that it would become the most popular post on my blog so far.

Seems like there are a lot of dirty sissy boys out there who love stroking their cocks (or should I say “clitties”) to videos and pictures of crossdresser sluts getting bent over and banged in their tight boy pussies.

Lil Jerky ain’t one to judge a fetish when it comes to whatever floats your masturbation boat… far from it. If feminization is your thing – do what give ya a happy! That bein’ said, I’ve decided to proved a few more links to some free crossdresser videos!!!

The following are search response lists off one of the sites I’ve already posted, but they list free vids and pictures from two specific sources that specialize in this fetish.

Gay Sissies – where dirty boys will be dirty girls… and then get used like them too! Seems mostly eastern European so of course its nasty with nothing held back

Shemale Sisissification – where dominant shemales teach naughty boys to behave through forced feminization, bondage and hard pounding anal sex.

Both sites have plenty of forced crossdressing with makeup, tight dresses, stockings, high heels and lingerie. There are a lot of hot brazilian shemale pornstars on the second site so we’re talkin’ nice stacked and well hung ladyboys in their own sexy outfits too.

Happy masturbating, all you dirty crossdresser whores and naughty sissy sluts!

~ Lil Jerky

PS – check out the Sissy Training going on here. Not much content yet but if this Domina’s blog turns out like her old one there will be a ton soon.

Hot Latex Ass - Bodysuit

Those of you who know me already understand my deep “appreciation” for the classic porn stars of the Seventies and Eighties.

I think the truth of it is – your earliest sexual fantasies remain with you as strong masturbation material for the rest of your life. Even if a modern porn star my be hot as hell, and do all of the things you wish the classic girls would have done… the pornstars of the past still hold a special place in the dirty mind of any chronic masturbator. It really is the impression made during one’s youth and that lasting impact it had on your sexuality.

That being said… and enough sexual philoso-phizing… here are some links to sties that offer free videos and pictures of class porn stars. As always – this is all free masturbation material –

Golden Age of Porn
Retro Porn Clips
Old School Porn Stars
Classic Sex Videos

Of note is that these sites have a LOT of classic pornstar videos from the Seventies. You’d expect them to lean heavy towards the Eighties, considering the higher volume of material and easier accesibility to it, but these places tilt towards the past.

Of special note – LOT of clips of the incredile French Porn Star Brigitte Lahaie – if you don’t know who this is you should find out fast. This hot girl was FAR too beautiful to be doing porn back in the Seventies. Not only drop dead gorgeous and all natural, but also up for just about anything – facial, anal sex, double penetration, gangbang, bondage – when most porn stars of the time, especially those as flat out beautiful as her, would do none of that.

I’ve visited these sites many times before. So far no spyware or virus DL links found (though I make no promises, as I obviously can’t vouch for the changing internet environment – all I can say is – so far so good with what I’ve experienced on them). Obviously some re-directs to other promo sites but what do you expect when something is free.

Happy cock stroking you dirty dogs!

~ Lil Jerky